How to Choose the Perfect Outfit for Your Big Day

Prom, the day, the evening that you have planned for since the very first day of senior year is finally here. This is the day you are going to dance till you get tired, smile for non-stop photos and make memories for a lifetime. Your prom can easily become one of the most memorable days (nights) of your life.

Are you ready for the prom? Have you said yes to a date? And what about your prom dress? Have you found the one magical dress from the 1000 evening dresses available in the stores? It’s understandable if you haven’t found your dress yet because we know how difficult it can get to pick one dress that is going to stay in your photos and your heart for a lifetime. Here, we have created a small guide to help you pick your prom dress and make you party-ready.

A women wearing a prom maxi dress

Understand your Body Shape

Before you dive headfirst into trying all the lined up sequin dresses, know your body shape. Party gowns come in various sizes and shapes and each design is apt for particular body shape. For example, if you have a petite figure, you can consider an off-shoulder dress without a worry but if you are busty, you might want to look into gowns that offer proper support. Similarly, if you have a triangular face, sweetheart neckline evening dresses will look the best on you. So, take some time, figure out what your body type is and then choose a dress design.

Fix a Budget

You cannot set out to buy a prom dress without having a clear number in your mind. The budget is important because the market is flooded with prom dresses in all price ranges. If you do not set a budget, you will definitely end up buying one of those cocktail dresses that cost a fortune. You cannot afford to spend your college fund on a dress, can you?

Decide a Color

Ok, maybe not just one color. You can go with 2-3 shades but keep them crystal clear in your mind. Again, this is important because once you set foot in a store you will be bombarded with party dresses in almost all the color shades you have ever seen. It will be very easy to get overwhelmed and confused and chances are you will come back home without a dress because you could not choose one. Make your mind about 2 or a maximum of three colors and explore their shades. Of course, you can break this rule if you find a killer dress in a completely new shade.

Go Shopping in Advance

Do not delay prom dress shopping to the very last minute. This dress is one of the most important dresses in your life and you cannot and should rush into buying one. Give your self-time so that you are not rushed to buy a dress on your first visit to the mall. Make multiple visits, explore online, compare prices and then buy your dress. Also, do not forget you will need a few extra days for fitting and customisation of you pick one of the off-sized prom dresses.

Styling Tips

Now that you have sorted through hundreds of evening dresses and found yourself a delightful party gown, its time to style your look. Dressing up for a prom night is not just about your gown, you have to get your accessories, hair, makeup, and shoes spot on too. Here are a few styling tips that will make sure that you look like a million bucks on your prom night.

  1. Always shop for shoes along with your dress. Doing this will ensure that you have the right kind of heels and your shoes aren’t peeking from under your hem.
  2. Go shopping for accessories after you have picked one of the many party dresses. Make it a point not to overdo with bling. If your dress has enough of it, do not accessorise at all.
  3. Do not overdo the makeup. Keep it simple, cover the spots and dark circles and highlight your eyes because you will be dancing under some amazing disco lights.
  4. Choose your hairstyle based on the design of your dress and your comfort level. Do not make a tight bun that you recently saw someone flaunting on Oscar’s red carpet. Those hairstyles can get uncomfortable.


Finding the perfect prom dress need not be a headache. You can make it fun by taking care of the points mentioned above. If you do not feel like stepping out of your house to find your prom dress, checkout Sculpt Australia’s Party Collection. This website has a huge number of options in the party segment. Scroll through to find your perfect prom dress at a surprising price.