The Complete Guide To Wedding Decorations

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for the couple and is usually something one should start as soon as you have decided on the date. There are many decisions to make and many different types of preparations necessary. In fact, it is not uncommon for a wedding couple to seek the help of a professional wedding planner. It involves many things like planning, as well as selecting the perfect dress for the bride and bridesmaids, place for hiring material for decorations like the best wedding centrepiece hire in Sydney.

Wedding Centrepiece

This article is a good guide to what you can expect when preparing wedding decorations and searching for places to get hire the best material for your wedding. The Bride’s Table is one of the better options when it comes to wedding ceremonies.

Preparing Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations include more than you can imagine due to which many couples are caught unaware when planning their wedding and often seek help from experts. Here are some popular wedding decorations:

  • Wedding Invitations: A wedding invitation is the first means of communication regarding your wedding and an announcement about your marriage. It is an opportunity to pave the way for the overall impression you wish to create. We tend to spend more time ensuring wedding decorations are up to mark however, invitation cards are equally important. There are many factors to consider like fonts, images, etc. The invite may be in many parts like the save-the-date card, invitation, RSVP card, thank you card and other features of the envelope. 
  • Important signs for your wedding: Wedding Signs might not be essential but it makes things easier for your guests and is something that should always be considered. To start with it helps them navigate to your venue. Placing an appropriate sign in front of your venue will assure the guests that they have arrived at the right place. 
  • Banners: Banners tend to cover a large area and hence are very effective. It also can complement your other decorations. It is something that will look good in photos as well. 
  • Wedding Bunting: Buntings are geometric shapes hung from the ceiling (usually triangular in shape) and are useful for purpose of decoration. 
  • Flower Decoration: Flowers play a big role in a wedding ceremony. The type of flowers you select will dictate the mood and is a good way for the couple to showcase their decoration style. It can effectively liven up any wedding venue since there are innumerable methods of doing this. There are many types of flower arrangements like the bridal bouquet, flower petals, a centrepiece made from flowers, hanging from flowers, etc. 
  • Wedding Centerpiece: A centrepiece is the centre of all wedding decorations and is likely to receive maximum attention. The selection of the centrepiece might seem simple enough, but there are many factors to consider when selecting a table. For weddings that have a long banquet-style table, using a runner that extends the length of the table along with multiple centrepieces is one of the options. 

A good alternative is to use many tables with easy having their own centerpiece. It is important to consider the size of the room beside the size of the table; keeping it in proportion will help create a better impact. For example, if your venue is massive and you have selected a very small centerpiece, it will be hard to notice it. 

Other factors to consider are lightings, other decorations, colour, etc. The centerpiece can include many things like candles, lanterns, flowers, vases, glass vessels, fruits, vegetables, etc. Keep an eye on your budget while hiring the wedding centrepiece. 

  • The Bridal able: The bridal table is also very special since it will catch the attention of all the guests you invite. It is a good idea to select it to complement the special relationship of the couple.