The Jumpsuit of your Dreams

Women wearing a jumpsuit


Let's face it, ladies, these days all jumpsuits look pretty much the same. And even if they don't look the same, they do look similar to one another in some aspect. But what if we told you there's a new design in town, one that looks completely different from other jumpsuits, might look like a dress but isn't one? Believe it or not but there is a jumpsuit out there that completely defies all other jumpsuits and makes a killer statement. It's called Playsuit.

Why is it different from other jumpsuits?

Some jumpsuits are usually full length, and others even go a little lower than the feet, so you have to wear heels with them for the jumpsuit to fit. Jumpsuits are designed to make mobility easy but help you look as elegant as you would in a dress. However, some jumpsuits don't manage to achieve that intended effect. It can be challenging to pull off a jumpsuit however the Playsuit is unique in that regard. It's much shorter, so at first glance, it looks like a dress. However, it’s much more comfortable than a dress and makes mobility even easier.

What are some of its features?

The Playsuit is made of an extremely comfortable and loose fabric called the luxe knit fabric. It is easy to pull on, helps take the shape of the body of whoever wears it, so that means it adjusts itself according to the person wearing it. That way, nothing looks bigger or smaller than it should, and the jumpsuit looks like it's been tailored just for you. The flattering seams on the dress help give it its shape and the fall of the jumpsuit. They also help make the torso look longer and slightly thinner than it is. Below are the other key features of this beautiful jumpsuit.

Over-the-hip design

We know that a lot of jumpsuits can be difficult to get into, especially if they are pullover jumpsuits. Pulling over a jumpsuit can increase the chances of you ruining your hair if it is already made, or it getting stuck somewhere. It can also mean your arms or chest get stuck while pulling the clothes down, which hurt and can also cause the clothes to tear. However, by having an over-the-hip design you avoid ruining your hair, and the dress very easily slips on and off.

Elastic waist seams

Paired with the flexible, comfortable and loose lux knit fabric, this helps to improve the fitting of the jumpsuit. It also helps make the dress easier to pull on, otherwise it would have torn or gotten stuck. It also makes the dress a lot more comfortable and easy to wear. The waist area does not feel tight and helps you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Deep mesh pockets

Pockets are practical, let’s face it. Most designers don’t add pockets to dresses or jumpsuits; however, this Playsuit has pockets and not the kind that looks like pockets but is of no use. These pockets are deep mesh pockets so that you can fit your phone or money in there, and it will be safe. Women's clothing also deserves to have pockets because that makes our clothes much more practical. We don’t want to have fake pockets anymore. We love this Playsuit because it's not only beautiful but is also practical in as many ways as possible. It truly serves its function.

Bra trap holders

Most dresses and jumpsuits don't have this life-saving hack. Not all bras can be hidden in dresses, especially if they are sleeveless dresses and jumpsuits. However, the Playsuit has a unique bra trap holder which allows you to buckle the strap into position so that it doesn't move or show. It won't creep out from under the dress or slide off your shoulder and fall onto your arm. It will stay locked in position. It isn't even uncomfortable, which is exactly what we want. So not only is it practical but it's also aesthetically pleasing.

Why is it something you cannot miss?

This Playsuit is unlike any other in the market. It's got unique features and an unparalleled design which makes it so beautiful and so practical at the same time. It looks simple in style, but its practical features make it one of the best things you could spend your money on. You're going to wish you could wear this all the time because it's just that comfortable. Most clothes that look good are uncomfortable or irritating to wear; they might be itchy or too tight. However, the material used in this dress makes it extremely comfortable and easy to wear. The sleek design makes it not just sexy and nice in appearance but also makes the dress very easy to move around in and as we know, mobility is quite important for clothes. It's worth every cent, so you really cannot miss something that looks great and is easy to wear too.

Most jumpsuits that are currently in the market cater more to the looks or appearance of a jumpsuit. By doing so, they completely miss out on the function that a jumpsuit has to serve at the same time; you can't forget that jumpsuits are supposed to make women feel more comfortable and help them improve their mobility. It isn't as easy to walk around in dresses, and you've got to be careful about how you sit and walk if you're wearing something short so that you don't flash anyone on accident.

However, the design of the Playsuit makes sure that all these problems are averted. It's something you cannot miss. That's why make sure to visit our website for more details on how and where you can find this Playsuit from. Playsuits in this design are now slowly being readily available in the market. So make sure you get one before the season ends, and they all run out of stock!