The Perfect Vintage Wedding Dress for Your Special Day

Every bride wants to feel and look her best on her wedding day. She wants to be set apart and most importantly, she wants her dress to be perfect. With modern commercial brands pumping out different variations of the same silhouette you can recognise on most brides, what could make you stand out? That’s right! Taking a trip to the past. There is a reason the vintage wedding lace dress trend never seems to go out of fashion and why many brides prefer it. Anything inspired from the past can be characterised as vintage.

bride wearing pink lace dress

Why go vintage?

Vintage dresses are the best way to be both economical and unique. These wedding dresses also showcase delicate and intricate quality construction. Moreover, they let you show who you are! You get to experiment and explore your creativity, choose what fits your personal best. After all, that's what your partner loves about you, isn't it? This trend lets you explore with decades of history and styles of wedding cocktail dresses; you have dozens to choose from. 

Classic Victorian

Inspired by the English royals such as Queen Victoria, having a classic but regal vintage wedding dress will flatter every figure. These dresses usually include corsets and tight bodices to flatter your shape. A long train with ruffles that effortlessly follows you along with a high neckline is key for your desired dramatic effect. The skirt is lined with tulle to mimic the Victorian-era hoop skirt. All hail the queen!

Hollywood Glam

When you think of the 1920's, you think of the flamboyance of Daisy from the Great Gatsby with her midi hemline and drop waist! That’s precisely what it is! 1920 has recently taken over the bridal fashion industry as fringe has become an increasingly popular trend. Hunt the shiniest satin or silk material out there! A prominent feature of them is their seamless and absent waistband. This loose-fittings heath will flow on your body and flatter your natural curves. Feel free to accessorise with a white fur stole and golden jewellery. Even a simple golden vintage broach would make you stand out!

Minimalist Chic

To counter the glamour of the 20's, the 30's took a much more sophisticated turn. Their long bias-cut dresses can see this with sweeping lines that hug your figure just right. Who doesn't love a classic tea dress silhouette? You can either go with sleeveless dresses or with the classic long narrow sleeves! Add finishing touches by rushing and diamante jewellery. 

La Princesa

A vintage princess wedding dress never goes out of style and is guaranteed to turn numerous eyes! After all, femininity never goes out of fashion. This trend was started when Dior introduced the New Look in 1947. Though the essence of this dress is all in the hoop skirt but peplums with puffed shoulders and sweetheart necklines are all dominant elements of it. The fitting tends to sync your waist and give the illusion of your ideal hourglass figure! The perfect dress for your fairy tale wedding, just like Grace Kelly.

Hippie Daydream

The hippie trend started as a youth subculture in the United States and left a strong mark on fashion. Wedding dresses became more medievalesque and romantic. These prairie inspired dresses are long and flowy will make you look at one with nature! This Victorian revival involved ivory and cream lace and chiffon maxi dresses. Finish the look off with a beautiful flower crown and complete your bohemian aesthetic. This dress is perfect for daytime outdoor weddings when you can dance around amongst the flowers with your beloved.

Flirty Mod

This is perhaps the most unconventional vintage wedding dress that is best for a bold and bright personality. Supermodel Poppy Delavigne embraced this look for her wedding! If you want to have fun AND a flattering dress, this is your fit! Don’t be afraid to show some skin as these dresses are usually mini lengthens; go above the knee if you feel like it. These dresses either have short or no sleeves. They are tailored perfectly and have playful details. Add more fun accents such as bows and ribbons to give your dress a more girly feel. Be your unconventional self!

Your wedding day comes once in a lifetime, and your search for the ideal vintage wedding dress that completely emulates your vibe will take time. There are tons of options when it comes to shopping for your vintage wedding dress. Whether it’s a vintage store or Etsy, try on multiple dresses until you find the shape and era that fits you best. Be patient and trust the process. Believe us when we tell you, you can never go wrong by going vintage. Your 'Say Yes to the Dress’ moment is waiting to happen.