Tips in Choosing the Right Special Occasion Dresses

Different occasions demand for different dress codes. The proper dressing gives one confidence and prevents persons from feeling so much out of place on different occasions. However smartly dressed one may be, or however expensive attire one puts on, it will just give a wrong impression about them if the dress code does not match the function in which it is worn. It would therefore odd if for instance one goes to a swimming pool dressed in suits and ties or if one goes to a wedding ceremony groomed in swimming pool costumes. It is therefore of paramount essence to take caution in choosing what to wear. This article gives tips to be followed in choosing the best women's dress code that would match different occasions that it is intended.

women wearing a dress


It is so much inappropriate to have a dress that one needs to keep on pulling or adjusting to cover them. It is therefore of the essence to be in clothing that fully fits the one in it. Nothing kills one's confidence than knowing that the outfit they are in is not of satisfactory standard with regard to size. It is also disgusting to have at times while trying to make the dress be in the desired state or to make it be in a different style to make the seats prose unpleasant noises which make everyone to look back and see what is amiss.

In every occasion, therefore, it is of paramount essence to be in clothing that is fitting and that which will enable them to be confident and comfortable without having to keep on changing the sitting posture or pulling it. This mainly affects persons with good taste in short skirts and tight trousers. Much care by this group of persons needs to be taken to ensure that the shortness or the tightness is of a satisfactory nature to counter embarrassments and discomfort.


It is of great essence to be sensitive to the occasion for the purpose of which a dress code is intended. It contributes greatly to the confidence of the person wearing that outfit and specifically for the purpose of the function. Different attire is meant for different occasions and therefore, swapping the dress codes for the wrong functions means that everything is messed up and will neither be appreciated by peers or even by the wearer themselves. Wearing attire for the wrong function would be a hindrance to the performance of the function in which one is to engage in. Taking, for instance, a person to engage in athletics, it will be of hindrance to their activities if they groom in woollen clothing. It is also detrimental to persons going for interviews if they attend the function groomed in sweat pants. It will definitely lead to them missing on the opportunity. Interviews call for the official or professional dress code to have the interviewee taken seriously.

Swimming, athletics, and other gaming activities call for flexible clothing which must be less heavy to enhance efficiency in the activities. Weddings call for bright clothing while funeral services call for dark clothing. Having inappropriate dress code in relation to functions would not only render one unprepared for the occasion but will also kill their confidence and will render their self-confidence to be lowered. It is therefore of paramount essence to consider the function that one is to get involved in before making a decision on what kind of Dress code to wear.


It is very appropriate to pick the right colour of the dress if you put on. This is of the essence to create the best impression of the wearer and to keep in confirmation with the function in which such a person is to involve themselves in. It might not be practical that one matches their dresses with their complexion.

It is however of the essence for one to ensure that the variance between their complexion and their dress code is reasonable. Dark-skinned persons wearing so much dark clothing with no bright coloured break would not come out so well. It would, therefore, be so much reasonable that dark-skinned persons groom in fairly dark skinned clothing with a bright colour break. For instance, a dark-coloured person would need to groom in a black or grey suit with a bright white or pale blue shirt. A light-skinned person will definitely need dark clothing.

women's dresses


The attire one puts on the need to be relative to their shapes.  Of course, persons with well visible curves would wish to have them seen.They will therefore just need to have fairly slim dresses that clearly shows their shapes. Slim persons will need to have dresses that are neither too slim nor too wide as to look unreasonable. Tall persons need to have a dressing that clearly brings out their shape positively and not that that which may seem buggy to them. Persons whose shapes are not so appealing to them should avoid tight clothing but should not wear so many baggy clothes.


It is not alarming to find out that the dress code that is appealing to you in front of your mirror is not in any way appealing to other persons. In fact, your best dress code may be the most disgusting in front of every other person. It is therefore of paramount essence to involve a second person such as a designer, a parent or any other person to get their opinions with regard to a particular dress code. Getting the opinion of another person just confirms the credibility of the dress code.


From the foregoing, it is obvious that the dresses you put on is dependent on many other factors and it is not enough to only have anything put on and still claim to be classy. It is therefore of great essence to take into account the different factors before determining what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it in order to ensure that all is well with their dress code.