Why Cookies Should Be Your Priority When It Comes To Wedding Favours


When guests attend a wedding, they look forward to wedding favours and when it’s the delicious treat like a cookie, it just makes everything perfect. When a smart couple puts the two together, you can sit upon the idea of customised wedding cookies using stamps as a favour idea.

Now the question arises, will you buy or make the cookies?

Understanding the idea of a wedding favour

For a newbie wedding planner, it is understandable that they might not get the concept of wedding favour. It is a small gift that is given by the couple to their guests. It serves as a simple gesture of appreciation and gratitude, and the wedded lays out the gift during the reception.

Edible wedding favour trend

These days, couples are giving away edible treats like cookies or brownies as wedding favours. The great thing about cookies is, one can even replace the multi-layered wedding cake with them. Your guests can crunch the cookies on the way to the home from the wedding. As per the latest trend, the couple is now setting up the table with a variety of sweets like cookies, cupcakes, tarts, and sweetbreads instead of multi-layered cake.

What makes cookies as the most preferred wedding favour gift?

There are so many options available in terms of cookies that do them excellent wedding favour. Here are some of the reasons why one should consider them at their wedding:

  • They taste amazing: In many cases, the wedding favour trinket that one gives away, in the end, ends up in some corner of the closet. Most gifts like a cheap $2 sunglasses or scarf don’t end up being so useful. One can sure use a cookie. They will not go waste.
  • They are practical: It is smart to spend on something that people will consume rather than taking up an item that people are not going to use them anyway. It doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive, your guests should appreciate them.
  • They are adaptable: One can decorate a cookie in so many unique ways, it can be made into a cookie sandwich, placed in a jar or paired with the most essential partner- milk.
  • They are loved by all: Who doesn’t love cookies? From ring bearer to your maid of honour, best man and even mother in law- everyone loves to take a bite from one to many cookies.
  • Their jars are reusable: After one has consumed all the cookie, the guests can re-use the cookie jars, for something else.
  • Choosing individual jars: If you have a unique family heirloom that you want to include at your wedding or found something special at a vintage shop like a statement piece, choosing the right cookie jar to fill your delectable morsels can be fun.

Should you buy or bake?

There are so much design flexibility and creativeness that any personalised wedding cookie has to offer. You can have your group of friends that can have a fun time together in baking the treats into various shapes, sizes, and tastes using custom cookie stamps. One also wraps them into different materials.

Personalised wedding cookie ideas that one can either DIY at home or even buy online as wedding favours:

  • Tux and gown cookies

It is known as one of the most favourite designs as wedding favours, mainly because of the fixed attire for the wedding. One can spend their quality time at home using a family recipe, icing the attire’s shape on the round cookie helps one in enjoying the wedding cookie favours.

  • Champagne shaped sugar cookie: It is a simple sugar cookie that looks plain, but with some icing on the top using some skills it helps the cookie turns into a miniature champagne bottle. You can place them into transparent boxes and tie a ribbon on the to add that touch.