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Here at Sculpt Australia, we firmly believe that all women have different kinds of women inside them. You could be a sophisticated working woman one day, walking into work with a cup of coffee and getting all those numbers on paper. The next day you could be a fun party-loving kind of girl, having a drink with all your friends at a bar or a quiet and casual girl who reads her day away. There's so many girls inside of us, but all of them have their preferences. We make sure you get to style all the girls in you!

Huge variety to choose from!

We've got a great variety for you to select from, as you can probably already tell. Surf our website, and you will find different styles of blouses, in different lengths, shapes and colours! Our dresses also come in a great variety of different lengths and shape cuts, to accommodate all body types of women. So no matter who you are or where you're from, we've got something that'll interest you!

Affordable price, great designs

We know how tight the competition has gotten in the fashion market and industry. A lot of people blindly buy clothes from brands no matter what the price tag says, only because of the label attached to the clothing item. We believe a lot more goes into designs than just the name and reputation of a company, that's why we ensure all our designs are unique, stylish and above all, affordable. We want to make sure our clothes are easily accessible to more and more women!

Be a new you!

With our chic and gorgeous collection, you can be a different you every day of the week. If you're feeling a little bad-ass one day, style your outfit with our leather jacket. If you just want to wear something simple, comfortable and casual, check out our casual wear in blouses. Maybe you've got a ball to run to or prom to catch. Either way, you'll feel like a princess in our dresses gowns and leather jackets. No matter what mood you're in or what vibe you're aiming for, we've got you covered girl!

Explore our wide range of formal and semi-formal clothes, including dresses, blouses, bomber leather jackets and jumpsuits. We aim to target a wide audience which is why we design a great variety of outfits for you to pick one. We don't want anyone to feel left behind. Sit down with a group of friends and scroll through our catalogue. We guarantee you'll all find something that'll interest you!