Three of the latest fashion trends

Looking stylish is something many of us try hard to do. The world of fashion is ever-changing, but if you can keep up with the latest trends, you can keep your look fresh this season. The great thing about fashion trends is high-street retailers like to keep on top of them, so you can be fashionable for a fraction of the cost. If you choose a retailer such as ASOS, for example, you can also rest assured that they’re using sustainable methods – they aim to use 95% sustainable cotton by 2020. Online retailers often stock the latest trends – meaning you don't even have to leave the house to get your hands on them. If you're stuck for inspiration, here are three of the latest fashion trends:


  1. Longer, baggier shorts

Short shorts have been a popular choice for a while now, but many women are now opting for more sensible shorts. Any girl that has ever worn short shorts knows that they aren't the most practical garment. Longer shorts are now trending – and the baggier the better. This season is all about comfort and expressing yourself through more gender-neutral garments. Who said sensible shorts are only for men? Many retailers are now stocking looser shorts that sit just above the knee, offering optimum comfort. They also look fantastic!

 women wearing shorts and a black top

  1. Tie-dye

Tie-dye is back again... who'd have thought it? The '60s seem to be alive again in 2019, with the colourful style dominating the fashion scene. The difference this time though is that tie-dye has become slightly cooler than before. From maxi-dresses to two pieces, many designers are now incorporating tie-dye into their collections. Gone are the days where the only tie-dye garment available was a T-shirt with a peace sign at its centre. Tie-dye isn't only for hippies or festival-goers anymore, you can now rock tie-dye at the beach, a party, or on a night out on the town.


  1. Neon

Just like tie-dye, we're being treated to another blast from the past in 2019. Neon is back too, and it's better than ever before. You don't need to be at a rave or an '80s disco to sport neon anymore, you can now wear neon wherever you choose. Many people have worn neon accessories to add a splash of glare to their outfits for years, but in 2019, your accessory may be the only thing that isn't neon! If you're feeling brave and want to make a real statement, neon is the trend for you. You may hurt the eyes of all that encounter you, but think about how cool you'll look in a neon dress! Don't be scared to wear neon this year!


Who decides what's trending?


The fashion world is a strange one. If you're wondering how trends start, it's usually a result of what's hot at the world's biggest fashion shows. Big designers show off new looks and high-street and online retailers choose to get in on the action. To learn more, find out what was hot on the catwalks this year!