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We’ve all been there before- standing in front of our closet at 7:30 in the morning, coffee in hand, towel on head, wishing Monday could hold off just a little longer. And the one thing that guarantees a little spring in your step when the alarm goes off first thing? A few key pieces that look incredible with your basic work essentials, inspiring that feeling of corporate sass that makes you feel like you can take on the world. At Sculpt, we’re firm believers of the philosophy that finding workwear you love can make Mondays a day to look forward to.
A great work garment needs to tick a whole bunch of boxes before it earns it’s spot on the ‘perfect for work’ rail. Too often, we find ourselves jammed into button up shirts that don’t stay buttoned up, stiff-waisted skirts that don’t let you relax, or boring black blazers that belong in the workwear lost and never-to-be-found bin...Generally, there are a few standards of a great work garment that make them ideal for a working environment. These might be
Of course, the level of comfort in your workwear is up to you, but generally, anything that restricts breathing, makes you sweat unnecessarily or keeps catching your nails or pen like some kind of office dragnet isn’t really going to be labelled comfortable or practical. Check out this superb, pastel apple green blouse, with sweet ruffled sleeves and teardrop print- simply layer it with a charcoal cardigan and stovepipe trousers with a neutral wedge, or line it up for after-work drinks with a high waist black pencil skirt and a pair of chic kitten heels, you’ll feel a million bucks on hump-day!
A functional garment can sound like something you might purchase at the hardware store, but it’s not really about choosing the frock with 12 cargo pockets or a built-in apron…functional garments are those with careful consideration designated to waistlines, hemlines, lining, shape and breathability should take favour in any work wardrobe.
A great work dress will make every aspect of your outfit look better. It’s not magic. It’s in the fabric and the cut of the garment you choose. For example, the classy bodycon cut of our French stripe dress cuts an incredible shape when paired with strappy heels or sleek black ankle boots. It’s a style that always looks professional, whatever you put it up against.
If you’re considering building up your work wardrobe, there’s never been a better time to explore than now! Sculpt Australia are currently offering 20% off all first-time orders when you join today- so what are you waiting for?
Sculpt Australia understand that there’s nothing inspiring about opening a cupboard full of jaded white shirts and boring pinstripe dress pants.
Welcome to a world of beautiful workwear that inspires you to put your best foot forward, wherever you take it this season! Take a look at our showcase of beautiful, versatile clothing and see the Sculpt mission for yourself!